Meditation Eases Stress During the Work Day

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In our blog discussing ways to combat winter workplace stress, we mentioned meditation as a means to relax. Oftentimes, mediation falls into the category of “easier said than done.” Seriously, how does one meditate at work? The very nature of work tends to preclude the possibility of slowing down long enough to take a breath, let alone assume the orthodox position of a person who meditates in earnest.
Indeed, the act of textbook meditation insinuates that a person should employ various apparatuses, such as incense burners, prayer beads, gongs and more. This is not realistic in the workplace. However, you do want to find ways to deal with stress, and meditation remains a viable option. And there are definitely ways that you can take a few moments of your work day to meditate.
Perhaps the most difficult part of meditating at work is to just stop what you are doing.
So stop what you are doing.
Pay attention to your body as you breathe. Feel your chest expand and your shoulders rise. As you continue to take slow, measured breaths, hold one . . . then slowly let it out. Your breathing exercise may last only a few moments, but you will find yourself more relaxed, even as workplace chaos ensues.
Another way to meditate at work is to embrace the chaos instead of escaping from it. What often builds internal madness is the overwhelming audible din of the office.
So stop for a moment.
Pay particular attention to the individual sounds that you hear. Filter through the noise and listen for a car on the road, an airplane in the sky or a fan in an adjacent cubicle. Listen for change (or better yet, a candy bar) dropping in a vending machine or the distant music from a co-worker’s radio. After a couple of minutes, let yourself slip back to reality.
There are certainly other ways of meditating that don’t require a quiet room, accessories and a great deal of time. Positive affirmations can work. Focusing on each individual part of your body can work. The important thing is to take a couple of moments at a time to focus on you before workplace stress takes its toll.

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